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PVA 4310 Video Conference Speaker

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PVA 4310 Video Conference Speaker | 7243100 | Vogels Pro
PVA 4310 Video Conference Speaker | 7243100 | Vogels Pro
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ValmistajaVogels Pro
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Vogel"s Pro PVA 4310 Video conferencing speaker, black

Good sound quality is critical if you want to have a productive video conference. However, it isn€™t easy to find. Most video conferencing systems focus on video, with a good or even excellent display and camera. But their loudspeakers are often nothing more than a small table unit with low audio quality. Vogel€™s developed a unique range of loudspeakers, especially designed for video conferencing. Our speakers give you a truly high-quality voice audio experience to match the video quality.

The core of the loudspeaker is the built-in Digital Sound Processor (DSP), which makes the loudspeaker sound like your video conferencing partners are actually in the room with you. Nearly all traditional loudspeakers are optimised for music reproduction. In contrast, our speakers with a DSP are tuned for natural-sounding speech. Even the positioning of your video conferencing partners is clear due to the stereo set up. The Vogel€™s video conferencing loudspeakers are available in several sizes, optimised for smaller and larger rooms.