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SkyPAD 3.0 XL White Cloud Logo

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94,10 €
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SkyPAD 3.0 XL White Cloud Logo - SkyPAD 0783325824956
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SkyPAD Mousepad 3.0 XL, White Cloud Logo

The glass 3.0 XL mousepad from SkyPAD takes your gaming to new levels. Glass mousepads are not a new idea but have existed before, especially in the Scandinavian gaming scene, what makes glass mousepads different from ordinary cloth mousepads is that they do not wear out, are easy to clean and it is possible to make quick and precise mouse pulls with minimal effort.

The glass on SkyPAD"s mouse pads is made with a special lace pattern, which is burned into the glass itself, and since it is glass, the mouse pad will not lose its properties even during excessive use.

3.0 XL - Dimensions 40 x 50 x 0.36 cm

94,10 €
Sis. alv24%
Noutopiste Tuusula0 kpl
Saatavilla9 kpl (31.03.2023 10:53:13)
Valmistajan tuotekoodi0783325824956
EAN koodi0783325824956
Toimitusaika-arvio2 - 6 arkipv
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