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NRAYG-60adpair nRAY pair of preconfigured for 60GHz link

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290,50 €
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NRAYG-60adpair nRAY pair of preconfigured for 60GHz link - mikrotik nRAYG-60adpair
It can easily cover a distance of 1500 meters and reach fiber-like speed, and we have made some extensive improvements. With the latest antenna technology, this device is very compact, but even more durable than its predecessors.The new form factor has been designed with snowy areas in mind - you do not have to worry about large amounts of snow getting stuck and interfering with the signal. Due to its size and shape, nRAY also attracts less unwanted attention. With the special fine-tuning screws, a perfect alignment can be achieved.The 60 GHz frequency is not affected by the narrow wireless spectrum, so you can enjoy a smooth connection even in a lively urban environment. A powerful dual-core Arm64 processor running at 1 GHz ensures throughput in almost all packet sizes. The included devices are preconfigured to connect automatically, simply point them at each other and turn them on! We have included the power supply, PoE injectors and a practical precision mount for easier alignment - solidMOUNT (MKT-10189). It is an advanced post-mounted metal adapter that allows adjustment both vertically and horizontally.
290,50 €
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Valmistajan tuotekoodinRAYG-60adpair
EAN koodi4752224006844
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