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ICY DOCK (2 pieces MB882SP-1S-3B in one pack)

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ICY DOCK (2 pieces MB882SP-1S-3B in one pack) | MB882SP-1S-3B DUAL | ICY DOCK
ICY DOCK (2 pieces MB882SP-1S-3B in one pack) | MB882SP-1S-3B DUAL | ICY DOCK
ICY DOCK (2 pieces MB882SP-1S-3B in one pack) | MB882SP-1S-3B DUAL | ICY DOCK
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ValmistajaICY DOCK
Valmistajan tuotekoodiMB882SP-1S-3B DUAL
EAN koodi4713227445238
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ICY DOCK EZConvert Lite MB882SP-1S-3B, Light Weight Open Air 2.5ö to 3.5ö SAS/SATA (22pin) HDD & SSD Converter/Mounting Kit for 3.5" Drive Bay, black

The MB882SP-1S-3B was designed with attention to detail. It begins with the overall structure built from ABS plastic –a lightweight yet tough component. Fortifying this structure is the one piece construction which means, with the exception of the drive cover, there are no moving parts (moving parts increases the odds of components breaking). Optional screw holes built around the converter make it possible to mount your MB882SP-1S-3B in numerous positions if you have a finicky chassis. Mount this converter from the side or the bottom depending on your needs.

• Featuring EZ-Fit design for anti-shock and the best drive fit
• Open air design with all around airflow vents for maximum air flow
• Completely tool-less drive installation for quick & easy setup
• Converts your 2.5ö SATA HDD or SSD into an exact 3.5ö SATA hard drive form factor
• Supports 2.5ö SAS HDD/SSD with single channel SAS functions (requires SAS host)
• Supports SATA 6Gbps or SAS single channel
• Universal mounting holes for most common PC case
• Optional screw hole for extra drive security
• Simple and Lightweight design
• Perfect for anyone looking to add a 2.5ö SATA HDD/SSD to their system
• Crafted from durable ABS plastic with one piece construction
• Supports 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD/SSD of all heights from 7mm to 15mm
• Supports SATA and SATA power cables with locking latch design