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ELMER"S Clear Glue, 147ml

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ELMER"S Clear Glue, 147ml | 2077929 | ELMERS
ELMER"S Clear Glue, 147ml | 2077929 | ELMERS
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Valmistajan tuotekoodi2077929
EAN koodi3026980779290
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Elmer"s clear adhesive, suitable for slime, 147ml

Elmer"s clear shool glue 147ml is a washable glue that does not run. Generations of schoolchildren have grown up with Elmer"s classic school glue. The glue is easy to use and stays where you put it. It is safe, non-toxic and washable. This bottle contains 946 ml. Elmer"s shoe glue is also perfect for making slime. You just need to add Elmer"s magic liquid so you are done. There is a recipe with mixing ratio etc. but it is incredibly simple