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ELMER"S Glitter Glue Blue, 177ml

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ELMER"S Glitter Glue Blue, 177ml | 2077252 | ELMERS
ELMER"S Glitter Glue Blue, 177ml | 2077252 | ELMERS
8,10 €
Sis. alv24%
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Tukkurin varasto3 kpl (03.06.2020 7:00:33)
Valmistajan tuotekoodi2077252
EAN koodi3026980772529
Toimitusaika-arvio2 - 5 arkipäivää
TuoteryhmäLiima / teippi

Elmer"s Glitter Glue 177mL, non-toxic, washable, blue

This Elmer"s Glitter Glue is perfect for adding some colour and sparkle to your art and craft projects. It"s suitable for use on a variety of different surfaces and won"t run once it"s applied, allowing you to achieve a more precise result.

• The glue is perfect for use decorating your arts and crafts by adding a sparkly finish.
• It"s easy to apply and won"t run once you lay it down.
• It"s non-toxic for your safety.
• This pack contains pink glitter glue.
• There is 177 mL of glitter glue included in the pack.
• The formula is washable so you can clean it from clothes or skin.