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SystemG 19" cabinet 22U 600x800 glass door perated 800kg

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783,30 €
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SystemG 19" cabinet 22U 600x800 glass door perated 800kg - toten G6.6822.9801
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The 19"units are mounted on four columns made of a patented zinc alloy. A material that helps to counteract electrostatic damage, is strong enough for repeated installations and has a dirt-resistant surface structure. The columns are adjustable for- and backwards in increments of 25 millimeters. They also have well-designed holes for cable handling and have a clear Unit-marking that is also visible when the units are mounted. The roof offers space for the TOTEN Modular Fan System with practical exterior mounting and providing a selectable cooling capacity. At the bottom, there are step-wise openable cable glands for up to 1000 network cables as well as separate holes for power cables. The front door is made of tempered glass with a ventilated steel frame, the back door of perforated metal with a 75% ventilation rate. The cabinet comes bundled with feet and is ready for use in five minutes.
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783,30 €
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Saatavilla8 kpl (25.05.2024 10:45:25)
Valmistajan tuotekoodiG6.6822.9801
EAN koodi7333048024619
Toimitusaika-arvio2 - 6 arkipv
Tuoteryhmä19" Lattiakaapit
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