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DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch 8K 30 Hz with USB 3.0 and Audio

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254,90 €
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DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch 8K 30 Hz with USB 3.0 and Audio - delock 11484
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DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch 8K 30 Hz with USB 3.0 and Audio | 11484 | delock
This KVM switch by Delock is a convenient solution for connecting four computers with DisplayPort output to one DisplayPort monitor.Additionally there is an HDMI output for connection of two monitors, of which only one can be active at a time.Peripheral devicesFurthermore, two USB 2.0 ports for a mouse and keyboard, and two USB 3.0 ports for a hard drive or USB memory can be connected.Flexible ControlThe active computer can be selected by mouse gesture, keyboard hotkey, button on the device or infrared remote control.Multi-Stream Transport (MST)With the support of MST (Multi-Stream Transport), multiple monitors can be used at the DisplayPort output with an optional MST hub.NoteKVMs emulate a standard wired 104 key keyboard and wired generic 2 or 3 button scroll wheel mouse on their respective console ports. Whether or not a wireless or gaming mouse and keyboard work with KVM switches depends on several factors, in general, most wireless mice and keyboards do not support working with KVM switches. We recommend to use a standard wired mouse and keyboard with our KVM switches.
254,90 €
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EAN koodi4043619114849
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