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Motorola Headphones Kids wired Squads 200, Pink

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21,20 €
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Motorola Headphones Kids wired Squads 200, Pink - MOTOROLA 5012786803725

Motorola Headphones Kids wired Squads 200, Pink

Safe Listening For Young Ears.

Little ears might be delicate but little people can be anything but, especially when listening to their favorite tracks. Motorola’s new Squads headphones, for children aged 3-8, are specially designed to protect a child’s developing hearing with an 85dB safe audio limit.

• For ages 3 or above
• Easy sharing up to four headphones using the splitters
• Ultra light weight and foldable for travel
• 3.5mm cord with built-in microphone for hands-free calling
• DIY decorative sticker with colour pencils
• Volume limited to 85dB
• Built-in audio AUX input for sharing (at Earcup)
• Shockproof, flexible and durable quality plastic body
• Play friendly robust headphones

21,20 €
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Valmistajan tuotekoodi5012786803725
EAN koodi5012786803725
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