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PowerDolphin Wizard

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PowerDolphin Wizard | 10000122-00 | Powervision
PowerDolphin Wizard | 10000122-00 | Powervision
PowerDolphin Wizard | 10000122-00 | Powervision
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PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard, underwater drone, IPX8, mobile device joystick, Remote Control, white

PowerDolphin works with PowerSeeker(Included) fish-finder to seek for fishes in an intelligent and mobile way, obtain the fish and underwater information in a timely manner, and recommend fishing points smartly. It can also tow the fishhook and bait directly and reach the specified point via wireless control based on water conditions, dramatically extending the length of the fishing rod.

Equipped with a unique dual-joint 4K rotating camera whose shooting angle is as wide as 132°, PowerDolphin can use its rotating camera to meet the above-water and underwater shooting demands, with the field of view ranging from -150° under the water to +70° above the water, offering you a brand-new 220° shooting angle and visual experience.

This package includes: PowerDolphin, PowerSeeker, Remote Control, Remote Controller, Waterproof Storage Bag (Max. 200m Control Range).