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    Matka-adapteri world to italy

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    Matka-adapteri world to italy | 1.100180 | Q2Power
    Matka-adapteri world to italy | 1.100180 | Q2Power
    Matka-adapteri world to italy | 1.100180 | Q2Power
    Matka-adapteri world to italy | 1.100180 | Q2Power
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    EAN koodi7640167560097
    Q2 Power World Travlel Adapter IT · certified & produced on high quality materials · comply with all global safety standards (IEC 60884, LVD EN 60950)· Input 100-250V · Max. 10A · Power rating: 100V – 1000W / 250V – 2500W · Suitable for 2 u. 3 pole plugs of the types AUS, UK, US, IT, CH und EU · color white · Dimenssions 58*58*45mm · Weight 75 g · The Q2 Power Adaptor isn't a volatage converter In order to operate electrical devices worldwide · electricity from the grid is essential . Different outlets requires suitable adapters to enabling access for travel companion as laptop , smartphone, tablet, hairdryer, the electric toothbrush or razor to energize . Q2 Travel Adaptors make you mobile according to the required safety standards and let you traveling with the right equipment in your prefered destination. Q2 Power Travel Adapters are designed for 150 countries and comply with the global safety standards of IEC . compatible with following countries Albania · Ethiopia · Chile · Italy adapter· adapterplug· amerika· foreign country· Australia· Britisch· CH·Switzerland China· England United Kingdom· Europa· Europlug· EU Plug· Multi Plug·· Great Britain· Italy· converter· Netadapter· Netplug· Traveladapter· Schuko· Wall socket Wall socket adapter· Socket· Socketadapter· Plugsystem· currentadapter· Traveladapter· UK· US· USB· World Travel Adapter