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Vitility 70410260 Lukemisen apuvälineet - kirjateline Lukemisen apuvälineet - kirjatelineIf you like to read but you cannot hold a book or magazine due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to read. You can lay a book or magazine flat on a table, but this is not always nice to be able to read well. VITILITY has a book standard for this. The book stand allows you to put a book or magazine upright in front of you. Because the book stand has a flexible tilting mechanism, you can tilt it in the position you want. This allows you to enjoy reading more. The clamps on the front of the book stand are adjustable. As a result, you can place a thick book in between, but also a thin sheet. The book stand can also be folded, so you can easily take it with you. Sometimes there are also situations in which you must have your hands free. Such as when cooking or playing an instrument. The VITILITY book stand is also ideal for this. Varastossa VIT-70410260
32,70 €
Vitility 70610340 Kuntopyörä KuntopyöräIf you are less mobile, you may not be able to go outside much. As a result, you spend a lot of time indoors and have less exercise than you would like. You start to notice that your body is getting stiffer and moving is getting more and more difficult. Yet there is an opportunity to be able to move more without having to go anywhere. The bike trainer allows you to move your legs while sitting on the bench. But you can also use it to move your arms more while sitting at the table. By placing your feet or hands on the pedals and making a cycling movement, your legs or arms keep moving without going anywhere. This way you can keep your legs and muscles more flexible and even stronger. More exercise also improves blood circulation, which can be good for your health. Poor blood circulation can lead to varicose veins. If you move more, substances can be released that can make you happier. So, exercising more can improve your mood. You can also use the bike trainer whenever you want. You can use the bike trainer while watching your favorite TV program. But also, if you read the newspaper or a book or are on social media. The bike trainer allows you to move more than you normally could. Varastossa VIT-70610340
60,40 €
Vitility 70110670 Sängyn apuvälineet - pöytä Sängyn apuvälineet - pöytäIf you are bedridden due to a condition or accident, you should stay in bed as much as possible in order to recover more quickly. As a result, you have to eat and drink in bed. But if you have to stay in bed for a long time, it is also nice if you can do other activities such as reading or working on the computer. VITILITY has the Bed Reading Table for this. The bed reading table allows you to eat or drink more comfortably in bed and even read or work on the computer. The bed reading table is adjustable in height from 58.5 cm to 83.5 cm. This allows you to adjust it to the desired height. Because the tabletop is tiltable, you can put it in the right position for easier reading. Due to the raised edge, nothing can slide off the top when you tilt it. The bed reading table has wheels, so you can easily push the bed reading table away when you no longer need it. But that also makes it easy to bring the bed reading table back to you if you want to use it. If you have to stay in bed for a long time and you don39t have an electrically adjustable bed, it can be very uncomfortable to sit up straight in bed. VITILITY has the bed backrest for this. The bed backrest is adjustable in 5 heights. If you want to eat, for example, you set it to the highest setting, but if you want to watch TV in a relaxed manner, you can turn it a little lower. In this way, without an electric adjustable bed, you can sit comfortably in bed. The bed backrest can even be folded completely flat, so you can even sleep on it with a pillow. But this also makes it easy to store and takes up little space. Varastossa VIT-70110670
108,00 €
Vitility 70110380 Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitinsienet Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitinsienetThe sponge application aid can be applied to the VITILITY application aid. The sponges are supplied per 3. Because you can replace the sponges of the application aid, you do not have to buy a new application aid and you will enjoy your application aid for longer. The application aid makes it easier to lubricate with body lotion or to wash with liquid soap. We have areas on the body that are difficult for us to reach, such as on the back. But if you have limited mobility it can already be difficult to bend or turn and this makes it even more difficult to apply or wash yourself. But the application aid allows you to apply or wash yourself without having to bend or turn unnecessarily. This allows you to apply or wash yourself independently and with more comfort. The application aid also has a non-slip handle so that the application aid cannot slide out of your hand when it gets wet. Varastossa VIT-70110380
8,80 €
Vitility 70110080 Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - kynsisakset xl Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - kynsisakset xlThe nail scissors - XL makes it easier to cut your toenails. The nail scissors have been extended so that you have to bend less. The scissors are angled at the bottom, so you don39t have to turn your wrist unnecessarily to cut. The scissors also have a large and a small opening at the handle. You put your last three fingers in the large opening and the thumb in the small opening. Your index finger remains outside the large opening, which gives you more control over the cutting motion. The design of the scissors allows you to cut your toenails off your own, with less effort and with more comfort. The nail scissors are therefore ideal for people who cannot bend well, but is also suitable for people who have reduced mobility in the fingers and wrists. Varastossa VIT-70110080
11,90 €
Vitility 70110130 Ergonominen vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitin Ergonominen vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitinThe application aid with extended handle can be used to easily apply yourself with body lotion or wash with shower gel. The extended handle allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, such as the back or the lower legs and feet. The handle of the application aid is made of non-slip material. Partly because of this, the handle provides a good grip and the application aid does not slip from your hands when the handle gets wet. The sponge of the application aid can also be replaced. The sponges are available separately. This application aid is ideal for people who have difficulty turning or bending over. Varastossa VIT-70110130
15,10 €
Vitility 70210130 Ergonominen leipä veitsi Ergonominen leipä veitsiIf you cannot bend your wrist due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to, for example, grab a knife and cut. But if you also have problems with fine motor skills, it is also quite a challenge to hold standard knives. To make it easier to cut bread independently without having to bend your wrist, VITILITY has the bread knife ergonomically. Because the bread knife has an angled handle, you do not have to bend your wrist to grab the knife and cut with it. Thanks to the thickened handle, you don39t need fine motor skills to grab the bread knife. Thanks to the non-slip material, the bread knife also lies comfortably in the hand and the knife cannot slide out of your hands if you put pressure on it. This way you can easily cut bread independently. Although the bread knife is made of stainless steel, it is still lightweight. The bread knife is dishwasher safe. But bread is not all we cut. Often, we also have to cut meat or vegetables. Varastossa VIT-70210130
19,20 €
Vitility 70510080 Tyyny pyöreä Tyyny pyöreäIf you want to get out of bed or out of a car, you have to turn yourself to get up. If you do not have the mobility to do this due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to get in and out of bed independently. But getting in and out of the car independently becomes also difficult. There is a simple solution for this, the swivel cushion. The name says it, the cushion swivel. But also gives a comfortable seat when you sit on it. The swivel cushion makes turning easier, making it easier to get in and out of the car or to get in and out of bed. Because the swivel cushion rotates smoothly, it takes less effort to turn yourself. This can relieve hip and back pain while turning. If you can no longer turn the swivel cushion independently to get out of bed due to physical discomfort, then the swivel cushion is also nice for the person who helps you. The swivel cushion makes it easier for the person who helps you to turn you and get you out of bed. The swivel cushion not only gives more independence, but also helps to care for someone with more comfort. Varastossa VIT-70510080
43,50 €
Vitility 70410250 Kirjoittamisen apuvälineet - kynäotin 3 kpl. Kirjoittamisen apuvälineet - kynäotin 3 kpl.If you miss the fine motor skills in your fingers, it is difficult to grab a thin object such as a pen, pencil, cutlery or a toothbrush. This means you can no longer write, draw, eat or brush your teeth independently. You are limited in your freedom and become dependent on others. The pen thickener triangle is a simple tool that allows you to hold a thin object without fine motor skills. This allows you to write, draw, eat or brush your teeth independently, making you less dependent on others. The pen thickener triangle gives you more freedom to perform certain daily activities independently. Children can also use these pen thickeners. Children often have trouble with fine motor skills in the beginning. The pen thickener allows them to hold the pen better, so that they can learn to write better. The pen thickeners are supplied per 3. This allows you to leave the pen thickeners on the thin objects. As a result, you do not have to take off the pen thickeners every time to use on a different object. Varastossa VIT-70410250
7,80 €
Vitility 70210190 5-in-1 avaamisen apuvälineet 5-in-1 avaamisen apuvälineetIf you have difficulty with fine motor skills or have less strength in the hands or fingers. Then it is very difficult to open bottles, jars or cans. Because there are different types of closures, VITILITY has the opener 5 in 1. The opener can be used to open bottles with screw caps. But also cans with lip closures, lids of pots, and bottle caps. Because you can open bottles, jars, and cans, you do not need multiple openers. Due to the long handle, the opener lies comfortably in the hand and you can open a bottle, jar, or can with less force and without fine motor skills. This makes the opener suitable for people who have less strength due to a condition or who lack fine motor skills. The 5 in 1 opener is an ideal tool for anyone who can use help opening bottles, jars, and cans. Because the opener is compact, it fits perfectly in the cutlery drawer, but you can also easily take it with you when you go out. Varastossa VIT-70210190
8,70 €
Vitility 70110730 Hieronta vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitin Hieronta vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - voiteenlevitinIf you are unable to turn or bend over properly due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to wash yourself well or to rub with lotion. Still it is nice if you can do this alone. That you have a moment for yourself and can enjoy taking care of your body. But if you can no longer do this yourself, you need help. VITILITY has the Dalton application aid for this. The application aid allows you to wash and rub yourself with lotion without having to twist or bend unnecessarily. Because the application aid is 44 cm long, you can easily reach the hard-to-reach places on your body. The nice thing about the application aid is that the surface with which you rub has small balls that rotate when you rub yourself. This not only rubbing you, but also massages your muscles and body. To use the application aid you have to fill it with washing gel or lotion. You do this by removing the part with the balls. Fill the part with the balls with washing gel or lotion and then place the rest of the application aid on it again. This way you will not waste washing gel or lotion, so you can fully enjoy while taking care of your body. Varastossa VIT-70110730
11,90 €
Vitility 80410010 Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasi Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasiIf you have trouble reading, you need help. But you don39t want reading glasses. If you already have glasses, you would need a reading area. However, you don39t want that because it is more difficult to look if you do not need the reading part. It could also be that you like crafts. That you have to connect very small parts. Then it is nice that you have something that enlarges the parts, but can use both hands. For these situations, VITILITY has the magnifying glass hands-free. Because the magnifying glass has a stand and a neck strap, you can use the magnifying glass without having to hold it. By putting the neck strap around your neck and placing the stand against your chest, the magnifying glass will hang. The magnifying glass has a large glass that magnifies 2x. But also has a smaller glass that magnifies 6x, if you need more precision. The magnifying glass also has a light, if you need more light. The magnifying glass hands-free is an ideal solution if you want to read or do crafts and you want both hands free. The magnifying glass does not include batteries. Varastossa VIT-80410010
31,00 €
Vitility 70510120 Kävelykeppien apuvälineet - rannehihna Kävelykeppien apuvälineet - rannehihnaIf you have difficulty walking, you need a walking stick to move yourself. But there always comes a time when you want to have your hands free. For example, if you want to pay at the checkout. Then it is nice that you can leave your walking stick close to you without it falling. It39s no fun if you put your walking stick against something and it falls over. Because you are limited in your mobility, you cannot pick it up from the ground and you feel burdened to ask others to help you. For these moments, VITILITY has a wrist strap for the walking stick. Attach the wrist strap to the top of the walking stick just below the handle. When using your walking stick, first put your hand through the wrist strap and then hold the handle. The moment you want to have your hands free, let go of the walking stick and it will hang on your wrist. The walking stick wrist strap is a simple tool to keep your hands free for a while without worrying about leaving the walking stick. Because the walking stick hangs around your wrist, you don39t have to worry about it falling. Varastossa VIT-70510120
4,10 €
Vitility 70210080 Monikorkkinen avaamisen apuvälineet Monikorkkinen avaamisen apuvälineetIt can sometimes be difficult to open a jar or bottle. But this is often impossible for people who have little strength in their hands. You also need fine motor skills to open the bottle or jar. If you don39t have this either, you should ask others for help to open a bottle or jar. You may always have someone nearby who can ask you to help. But it is still nice if you can open a jar or bottle yourself. The lid opener universal ensures that you can open jars and bottles independently with little force and less fine motor skills. Because the lid opener has three different diameters, you can use it on almost all jars and bottles. This means you don39t need multiple openers. The lid opener has a ribbed non-slip inside, you have optimal grip. This allows you to open a jar or bottle with less force. The outside is also of the same material and is therefore also non-slip. But the lid opener is also flexible so you can grip it well. Partly because of this you can comfortably open a bottle or jar. Varastossa VIT-70210080
6,70 €
Vitility 70110370 Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - pesusieni Vartalonhoidon apuvälineet - pesusieniIf you are less mobile, you may have trouble bending and turning. This makes it difficult to rub and wash yourself. A handy product to be able to rub yourself without bending or turning unnecessarily is the washing aid from VITILITY. Because the washing aid has an extended handle and is bent, it is easier to rub yourself without having to bend or turn too much. But at some point, the sponge no longer absorbs the shower gel well and it is no longer nice to wash yourself with the washing aid. If the washing aid is no longer pleasant to use, you do not have to buy a new washing aid. The sponge is easy to replace, so you can enjoy the washing aid for longer. VITILITY considers it important that people with physical discomfort can take care of themselves independently and with more security and safety. If you are less mobile, you may enjoy sitting in the shower while you wash yourself. Varastossa VIT-70110370
6,70 €
Vitility 70410240 Kirjoittamisen apuvälineet - vaahtomuovipidike 8 kpl. Kirjoittamisen apuvälineet - vaahtomuovipidike 8 kpl.If you have sore joints or cramped muscles in your hands, it can be very difficult to grab something. Most objects are narrow and therefore sometimes difficult to grab if you have sore joints or cramped muscles. VITILITY has the famous handle thickeners for this. The handle thickeners come with three different inner sizes. Due to the different inner sizes, you can use the handle thickeners for different objects. The handle thickener with the small inner size can, for example, be used for pencils or brushes, the middle size for cutlery or toothbrush and the large opening for tools or thick markers. By widening the object with a handle thickener, you have to squeeze your hands less to grip and use the object. As a result, you will suffer less from sore joints or stiff muscles. This allows you to perform certain actions independently and with more comfort. Varastossa VIT-70410240
11,90 €
Vitility 70610350 Pillerirasia - viikko Pillerirasia - viikkoIf you have to take different medication every day, it is very important that you do not forget to take them. If you do not have a clear overview of what you have taken or need to take, it may happen that you take them twice or forget them and this can lead to complications that can be life-threatening. That is why it is important to have a good medication management system. If you have to take different medication every day, the Medication Cassette Week is a nice system to use. The cassette has a weekly partition from Monday to Sunday and a daily partition is made for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime. So, you can divide your medicines for a whole week and per day in the Medication Cassette. In this way you can no longer forget to take them, provided you divide them of course, and you can no longer take them twice. The Medication Cassette promotes responsible medication intake. Varastossa VIT-70610350
12,10 €
Vitility 70610070 Pilleritarvikkeet PilleritarvikkeetIf you have trouble swallowing tablets, it is nice if you can crush the tablet. But most tablets are very hard and difficult to break up with a spoon, for example. If you put too much pressure, the tablet will shoot away and you can no longer take the tablet. To use the tablet crusher, turn the top off. By placing the tablet in the crusher tray and screwing the lid back on, you can easily grind the tablet without using too much force. When you take the lid off again, you can put the crushed tablet on a spoon and take it. Because the tablet crusher is compact, you can easily take it with you when you visit or eat out. The lid also has rounded corners, so your hands will not hurt during crushing. With the Tablet Crusher you can easily and comfortably crush a tablet. Varastossa VIT-70610070
12,10 €
Vitility 70410030 Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasi Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasiIf you have difficulty reading small letters, you will need reading glasses. Maybe you already have glasses, but you don39t want a reading part in your glasses because that makes it look more difficult. But it is also possible that you do not want reading glasses. In order to be able to read the fine print without glasses, VITILITY has the magnifying glass pocket. Because the magnifying glass magnifies 4x, you can easily read the smallest print. Because the magnifying glass is small, you can easily take it with you. The diameter of the magnifying glass is 5 cm. The magnifying glass also has a cord so you can hang it on your neck. This means you always have it with you. Due to its compact size, you can use it wherever and whenever you want. For example, when reading the newspaper or making a crossword puzzle, but also, for example, in the supermarket to be able to read what is on the packaging. The magnifying glass pocket gives you more visibility when and where you need it. Varastossa VIT-70410030
14,40 €
Vitility 70110610 Pukeutumisen apuvälineet - sukka Pukeutumisen apuvälineet - sukkaPhysical discomfort can make it difficult to bend over, making it very difficult to put on your socks or stockings. VITILITY has the sock aid for this. The sock aid makes it easier to put on your socks without having to bend unnecessarily. To put on your sock, put the opening of the sock over the wide part of the sock aid. Then, insert your foot into the opening of your sock and pull the aid upwards. This allows you to pull the sock over your foot and after that, you can remove the sock aid from the sock. The sock aid is only suitable for people who can reach the calf with their hands. Varastossa VIT-70110610
14,90 €
Vitility 70110290 Urinaali - harja Urinaali - harjaIf you are bedridden it is difficult to go to the toilet. If you are bedridden and you have to urinate, you can use a urinal. The urinal allows you to urinate lying down without getting yourself or the bed wet. But if you use a urinal you want to be able to clean it properly. You also do not want any unpleasant odors to remain in the urinal. VITILITY has a urinal brush for this. The urinal brush allows you to clean the urinal thoroughly and hygienically. As a result, you always have a clean and fresh urinal, which makes it pleasant to use the urinal. Varastossa VIT-70110290
15,10 €
Vitility 70110180 Kylpy tuki 30 cm Kylpy tuki 30 cmThe grab rail with a ribbed surface provides extra grip and prevents slipping. The grab rail provides support for people who have difficulty getting up from the toilet or getting in and out of the bath, etc. The rail can be attached to the wall at both ends using three screws. Varastossa VIT-70110180
16,10 €
Vitility 70510370 Autosta poistumisen apuväline Autosta poistumisen apuvälineIf you are less mobile it can be difficult to get in and out of the car. It takes a lot of effort and energy. Often you are already exhausted before you leave. This makes driving less enjoyable. As a result, you are increasingly delaying car trips. The Car caddie makes it easier to get out of the car. The problem often when getting out is that you have no support or support to get up. That is why the Car caddie provides extra support, making it easier to get out of the car. To use the Car caddie, attach it to the frame of the door above the window. By lowering the window, you can put the Car caddie around the frame of the car. Thanks to the buckle closure, it is easy to attach. The nylon strap is also adjustable and very sturdy, making it suitable for long-term use. Because the belt is adjustable, you can adjust it to the desired grip height. The Car caddie is equipped with a comfortable handle. Varastossa VIT-70510370
17,10 €
Vitility 70210120 Ergonominen vihannes veitsi Ergonominen vihannes veitsiTo cut with a standard knife you have to bend your wrist. You also need strength to cut. But if you cannot bend your wrist due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to cut with a standard knife. If you cannot bend the wrist properly, you cannot exert any force. Even cutting vegetables can be very difficult. VITILITY has the vegetable knife ergonomic for this. Because the vegetable knife has an angled handle, you do not have to bend your wrist to cut. The angled handle also ensures that you need less force to cut. The handle is wide and made of non-slip material. As a result, the handle lies comfortably in the hand and the handle does not slip when your hands are wet. Because the handle is wide, the vegetable knife is also suitable for people who lack fine motor skills. The knife is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Although the vegetable knife is made of stainless steel, it is lightweight. Varastossa VIT-70210120
19,20 €
Vitility 70510020 Taitettava kävelykeppi Taitettava kävelykeppiWhen you are less mobile it is quite a challenge to move yourself. Inside you try to go from furniture to furniture or you walk along the wall to hold yourself. You also go out less often because it is tiring, and the fear increases that something will happen along the way. You probably realize that you need a walking stick. But you may still find it difficult to give in to it. However, it is important that you can move safely, so it is wise to use a walking stick if you are less mobile.Because the walking stick is foldable, you can easily store it, for example in the dashboard of your car or in your handbag. A storage bag is also included where you can neatly put the walking stick. The walking stick can be folded because it consists of different parts and there is a cord in the walking stick, so that the parts stay neatly together. The walking stick is adjustable in height from 82 cm to 92 cm. To determine the correct height, let your arms hang at your sides and then the handle must be at wrist height. The rubber cap gives you more grip with every step you take. The walking stick also has a wristband. The wrist strap allows you to hang the walking stick on your wrist if you need to have your hands free. If you go out to do the shopping, for example, you sometimes need both hands, for example to pay. Putting your walking stick against something can be quite a challenge. There is always a chance that it will slip and fall to the ground. If you are less mobile, it is almost impossible to get that walking stick off the ground. Thanks to the wristband you always have the walking stick at hand. The folding walking stick allows you to walk safer and with more comfort. Varastossa VIT-70510020
22,10 €
Vitility 70110890 Washing aid Washing aidThe ergonomical designed washing aid with extended handle helps you to easily apply showergel. The extended handle ensures you can reach difficult places on your body, for example to wash the back, the lower legs or the feet. The sponge can be replaced. The non-slip handle provides extra grip. Varastossa VIT-70110890
22,10 €
Vitility 70110790 Suihkusuoja - jalka kokonainen Suihkusuoja - jalka kokonainenDue to an accident, you can break your leg, so you have to put your leg in a cast. It is annoying to have plaster on your leg for weeks. You are less mobile and dependent on others. It is difficult to sit out and wait for your leg to heal again. But what is also difficult with plaster is showering. The plaster may not get wet. It is nice if you can shower regularly. It is also almost impossible to shower the rest of your body without the plaster getting wet. That is why VITILITY has the Shower Cover leg whole. The nice thing about the shower cover is that it closes nicely so that the plaster cannot get wet. In the opening of the shower cover there is an elastic band that you pull up over the plaster. The elastic band ensures that the shower cover is neatly closed, but does not pinch your thigh. Thanks to the shower cover you can shower without the plaster getting wet. The shower cover is not suitable for swimming and bathing. The shower cover cannot be used for open wounds or exposed wounds. Varastossa VIT-70110790
24,90 €
Vitility 70110160 Nopea liikuteltava tuki - pieni 40 cm Nopea liikuteltava tuki - pieni 40 cmThe Quick Mobile Rail is a mobile wall rail that supports natural movement, such as getting out of the shower. The Quick Mobile rail has a load capacity of 60 kg and is not suitable for carrying the entire body weight. The Quick mobile rail is a mobile wall rail, because it is easy to attach without screwing or drilling. The mobile wall rail has two powerful suction cups, you can easily attach the Quick Mobile Rail without screwing or drilling. The Quick Mobile Rail can only be mounted on a smooth, clean, non-porous and sturdy surface. You attach the Quick Mobile Rail by pressing the wall rail firmly against the surface and pressing the two levers at the top down. This will suck the suction cups. When the indicators are green, the mobile wall rail is securely fastened. If the indicators are red or half red, half green, you must re-attach the wall rail. Varastossa VIT-70110160
48,40 €
Vitility 70110520 Nopea liikuteltava tuki - suuri 50 cm Nopea liikuteltava tuki - suuri 50 cmIf you are less mobile, then it is difficult to sit or get up. This makes it difficult to go to the toilet independently or to go into a bath or shower independently. If you go to the toilet or in the bath or shower you will like to have some privacy. By using the Quick Mobile Rail, you can sit and stand up more easily. When you sit down, you can hold yourself by holding the wall rail. But if you want to stand up, you can pull yourself up on the wall rail. The Quick Mobile rail supports you in a natural movement and is not suitable for carrying the entire body weight. Because the rail is easy to install, it is called Quick Mobile Rail. You can attach the Quick Mobile Rail without screwing or drilling. The wall rail has two strong suction cups at the bottom. You can attach the Quick Mobile Rail by pushing the two suction cups against a smooth, non-porous surface and lowering the two levers. If the indicators on the top are green, then the wall rail is properly attached. If the indicators are red or half red/green, the Quick Mobile Rail is not properly attached, and you have to reattach it. Because the rail is easy to attach, you can also take it with you when you go to visit or when you go on vacation. Varastossa VIT-70110520
50,30 €
Vitility 80410020 Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasi Lukemisen apuvälineet - suurennuslasiYou enjoy reading the newspaper every morning. But you can also enjoy reading a book for hours. Only lately have you started to notice that you are having more and more trouble reading small letters. As a result, you can no longer read so much, and you can no longer enjoy it. VITILITY has the magnifying glass Classic for this. The magnifying glass has a classic round shape. The magnifying glass also has a large round glass and in the large round glass contains a smaller round glass. The large glass magnifies 2x and the small glass magnifies 6x. The small round glass makes it easy to read even the smallest letters. But sometimes it is not because of the small letters that you can39t read something. Sometimes there is not enough light to read. That is why the Magnifying Glass Classic has a light. The light makes it easier to see the letters, making it even easier to read the letters. Thanks to the magnifying glass classic, you can enjoy reading again. Varastossa VIT-80410020
50,80 €
Vitility 70110440 Sängyn apuvälineet - selkätuki Sängyn apuvälineet - selkätukiIf you are bedridden, it is also nice if you can sit upright in bed. But if you don39t have an electric bed, this is very difficult. Without an electric bed it is very uncomfortable to sit upright in bed. You will then miss the support in your back, making it easier to get back problems. VITILITY has a solution for this, the backrest. The backrest allows you to sit upright in bed more comfortably. Because the backrest is adjustable in 5 different heights, you can decide for yourself what the desired height is for you. The backrest also has a small cushion, so that your head also receives support while sitting. If you no longer want to use the backrest, it can be folded completely flat. This makes the backrest easy to store, for example under the bed. But if you are bedridden, you should also eat in bed and you may want to read or work on your laptop. VITILITY has the bed tray for this. The bed tray allows you to eat comfortably in bed, but also comfortably read or work in bed. The bed tray also has several storage compartments, where you can store various objects Varastossa VIT-70110440
65,10 €
Vitility 70110500 Kylpy tuki Kylpy tukiIf you are less mobile, then it is difficult to bend and turn. This makes it difficult to take a bath independently. Because the bath rim is low, you have to bend too much to hold on to get in the bath. To make it easier to get into the bath, you can use the Bath safety rail from VITILITY. The Bath safety rail means you don39t have to bend over to hold yourself. This makes it easier and more comfortable to bathe. The bath rim fits on all bath rims and can be attached without the use of tools. There are rubber caps on the inside of the Bath safety rail that prevent the bath from being damaged. But if you39re less mobile, you may also have trouble stepping over the bath rim. For this you can use the bath step from VITILITY. The step will raise you a little higher, making it easy to get into the bath. To be able to take a bath safely, we also recommend using a bathmat. The bathmat prevents you from slipping when you get into the bath. Varastossa VIT-70110500
69,80 €
Vitility 70410060 Pelikortit PelikortitOne of the most favorite games is card games. There are many different card games that you can do together. Many people enjoy playing cards together. But as your vision deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult to play cards. You also lose the pleasure and you can no longer enjoy it. VITILITY has playing cards with extra-large symbols for this. The extra-large symbols make it easier to see which cards you have in your hand. This allows you to enjoy playing cards again and enjoy the card games you enjoy playing together. Ei varastossa 2022-01-27VIT-70410060
9,90 €
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