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Skim Card Blocker 7300009065790 , COB card for protecting your bank cards from RFID Skim Card Blocker, COB card for protecting your bank cards from RFIDSkim Card Blocker, protects against wireless skimming, black Skim Card Blocker effectively protects your bank cards from wireless skimming. The security card looks just like a debit card, but contains technology that makes it impossible for thieves to wirelessly steal your card information. Place the Skim Card Blocker in the middle of the wallet and you are protected against wireless skimming. When a thief tries to wirelessly read your card information, Skim Card Blocker is activated and protects between 7- 10 debit cards at the same time. The card is equipped with a built-in chip that transmits at 13.56 MHz and blocks an area between 5 6 cm, it blocks the thief"s attempts to steal your card information. The card works for 5 years and has a range of about 56 cm. Works for 5 years Range approx: 56 cm Protects up to 10 cards Protection against wireless skimming Same dimensions as on a regular debit card Varastossa SKIMCARD
11,00 €
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