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Samsung 24" monitor 5ms AMD FreeSync black
Samsung SR65 monitor 24", IPS, 5ms, AMD FreeSync, black Less bezel, full focus A minimal bezel brings maximum concentration. The virtually bezel-less screen shows you the full picture and looks almost gapless when used in a dual-monitor setup. See more at once with no distractions in your way, and get through larger sections of your to-do list during screen time. True colours all around Now, the whole team can see perfectly. The IPS panel preserves colour vividness and clarity across every inch of the screen. Work comfortably on the productivity-boosting wide display and see accurate tones and shades from 178 all around, with no colour washing. Complete connectivity So many ways to connect. A full line-up for ports brings you the complete connectivity you need in today"s working environment. Plug in all your devices like laptops, desktops and tablets, and connect your USB hub to the USB 3.0 port for easier access to small or personal electronics. Fresh eyes achieve more Protected eyes stay focused through the whole shift. Advanced eye-comfort technology reduces eye strain for heightened concentration and greater productivity. Flicker Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker, while Eye Saver Mode minimises blue light emissions. Energy-saving display Smart Eco Saving technology achieves power-consumption reductions of up to 10 while still maintaining picture quality. It adjusts the brightness of the screen"s black sections while simultaneously adjusting the RGB gain values, so the screen looks just as bright as you remember. Less bezel, full focus Superior image quality Complete connectivity Dimensions (WxDxH) 539.4 x 200.5 x 473.8 mm (with stand) Weight 5.1 kg (with stand)
Ei varastossa 05.11.2021
208,00 €
Samsung QB13R QBR Series - 13" LED display
Samsung Professional Display QBR Series 13", black Enhanced communication in a compact display Samsung"s QB13R small display enables personalized and more impactful communication through its compact and versatile design. An all-in-one solution designed for professional use, the QB13R improves the operational efficiency of content, while also ensuring reliable performance for any business use. Crisp and visible content The display supports 1920x1080 FHD resolution, displaying crisp and easy-to-read content. This is enhanced by a non-glare panel which always delivers clear content in any ambient light. These innovative features are supported by reliable 16/7 operation, suitable for professional use. Slim, smart design The compact and slim design of the QB13R allows for efficient space utilization, even in compact locations. A sleek back design makes the display optimal for both wall mounting or simply standing, while the connectivity, content play and device controls are easy to operate. Powerful content playback With an embedded MagicINFO S player, backed by TIZEN, the QB13R allows efficient and seamless playback without any external media player. SSSP also allows easy content development through reinforced compatibility with multiple web formats. Comprehensive security setup The powerful Knox security system provides rigid, three-layer security, offering airtight protection at the application, platform and system level, while restricting access to content and hardware. In addition, remote control of the network and USB ports prevents any unauthorized access. Convenient, clean display control With center IR, each display receives IR signals direct to the panel, allowing easy and convenient remote control even with a tailored installation. When mounted, display doesn"t require an IR receiver cabling extension. Built-in Wi-Fi allows wireless remote management for both content and display. Safe operation, reliable performance The QB13R is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) class B compliant, meeting strict safety and reliability standards for operation. Additionally, IP5x rating ensures durable performance even in dusty environments. Enhanced communication in a compact display Crisp and visible content Slim, smart design Dimensions (WxDxH) 322 x 28.2 x 193.5 mm Weight 0.9 kg
355,90 €
Samsung QB65R QBR Series - 65" LED display
Samsung QBR 65" Signage, UHD, 4K, black Time to upscale your display Samsungs new QBR series displays cut through the clutter to deliver best-in-class UHD resolution as well as intelligent UHD upscaling and rich flawless colours with Dynamic Crystal Colour all in a slim design. Incredible 4K picture quality Empower your customers to experience pure visual innovation with lifelike images in sharper picture quality than ever before. Intelligent UHD upscaling No matter the resolution, deliver UHD quality images with cutting-edge upscaling technology, ensuring content that captures the attention of customers for years to come. Dynamic Crystal Colour The QBR series provides viewers with a wider spectrum of colours up to one billion shades, delivering more defined, vivid and memorable pictures that burst with colour. Slim and symmetrical design Slim, symmetrical design that will stand the test of time and ensure the QBR series blends seamlessly into any environment, with simple installation to get your display up and running as soon as possible. Clean cable management With QBR"s new cable guide feature, retailers are able to tuck away messy cables from view. This allows for a clean and visually-appealing shopping expeience for customers, even when the back of the display is visible. Powerful, all-in-one solution SSSP is an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation and maintenance. With Tizen 4.0, businesses can enjoy easy development, reinforced capability with multiple web formats and standards and secured protection. WiFi and Bluetooth built-in Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allow for more personalised and interactive services as well as simplifying how businesses showcase content. Whether its to make networking simpler or enabling interactive beacon technology in-store, QBR series displays help businesses move into the future of retail. UHD/4K screen for meeting rooms or Signage Built-in Tizen player for media playback and monitoring Cisco certified Dimensions (WxDxH) 1453,9 x 46,3 x 831 mm Weight 24.9 kg
Ei varastossa 04.01.2022
1 177,90 €
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