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ICY BOX IB-2501U3 3.5" kovalevytelakka 3.5" kovalevytelakkaICY BOX IB-2501U3 is a DockingStation specialised for 2.5quot SATA HDDs or SSDs. Its so easy to dock: simply plug the HDD into the ICY BOX with the SATA connector down and data can flow USB 3.0 allows for fast transfer of large files such as movies. This DockingStation is a 2.5quot specalist. It is able to handle 2.5quot HDD/SSDs of with heights up to 15 mm. Furthermore the IB-2501U3 is always ready, because the cable cant be lost and no power supply is required. This new 2.5quot DockingStation presents itself in an elegant matt black design of high quality plastic. A real visual treat in practical pocket format. A blue LED gives the user information about the current (power) and the access (read / write) of the hard disk. Four rubber feet at the bottom ensure a firm grip of the dock on slippery surfaces. Any operating system can communicate with the docking station, and no additional driver is needed for the operation. Varastossa IB-2501U3
25,40 €
ICY BOX IB-AC649 Kiintolevykotelo sata musta Kiintolevykotelo sata mustaHave you ever wished you could put a SSD or 2nd HDD in your notebook, because you are feeling that the boot times and data access becomes more and more slowly or you have realized that you have far too much data to fit on your 1st regular HDD inside your laptop By putting an IB-AC649 in your optical bay, you can add a SSD or second hard drive to your computer. Adding a solid state drive to your system can make it significantly faster, from decimating the boot times to speeding up application launch and data access or storing all of your large files on a 2nd regular hard drive. Varastossa IB-AC649
14,80 €
ICY BOX IB-112STU3-B 3.5" kovalevytelakka USB 3.0 3.5" kovalevytelakka USB 3.0The ICY Box IB-112 is a docking station for 3.5quot and 2.5quot SATA HDDs or SSDs. It39s so easy to dock: simply plug the HDD into the ICY BOX with the SATA connector down and data can flow USB 3.0 allows for fast transfer of large files such as movies. Varastossa IB-112STU3-B
53,70 €
ICY BOX IB-HUB1404 Kortinlukija yhdistetty usb hub usb 3.0 musta Kortinlukija yhdistetty usb hub usb 3.0 mustaThe IB-Hub1404 is meant to be used as a cable port (60 mm) in desks. It can be installed in pre-drilled holes without tools and offers enough space to run a DVI plug. Using its USB 3.0 connection the IB-Hub1404 can achieve a bandwidth of up to 5 Gbit/s. Memory card slots allow for easy reading and writing of SD and MicroSD cards. All 3 USB ports meet the new USB battery charging specification (BC 1.2). An LED display indicates the current (A) used for charging devices on USB port 1. Varastossa IB-HUB1404
94,10 €
ICY BOX IB-188M2 Kovaevykotelo SSD hopea Kovaevykotelo SSD hopeaIB-188M2 is a very small SSD enclosure for one M.2 SSD. This allows you to install the little runabout in an external enclosure and take it with you anywhere. The USB 3.1 Type-C port ensures a very high transfer rate, so that your SSD is not bored. Varastossa IB-188M2
97,60 €
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