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Camry CR7935 2in1 Mosquito and Camping lamp USB rechargeable 2in1 Mosquito and Camping lamp USB rechargeableCamry 2-in-1 Mosquito and Camping lamp - USB rechargeable, white/black The annoying buzzing of flies and mosquito bites are an integral part of camping. Despite the fact that we should get used to it, we are still looking for ways to get rid of annoying insects that disturb our rest in the fresh air. One of the solutions can be the 2 in 1 mosquito and camping lamp- USB rechargeable CAMRY CR 7935. It is a modern device that should be among basic equipment of every fan of spending time in the nature. Charging time: 4 hours Working time 10-16 hours Micro B USB cable included Quiet operation <54 dB Solid construction made of high quality ABS plastic Effective protection against: mosquitoes and moths Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 15.6 cm Varastossa CR7935
17,00 €
Camry CR4071 CR 4071 Blender personal - POWERFUL NUTRI Camry CR 4071 Blender personal - POWERFUL NUTRICamry Premium CR 4071 Nutri Pro Professional - Blender - 1700 W Camry Nutri Pro Professional blender CR 4071 is a perfect choice for all those who start the day with a healthy breakfast in the form of a fruit or vegetable cocktail, smoothie or simply for those who appreciate the quick preparation of foods in the kitchen. High quality, modern design and functionality also speak in favor of it As well as the fact that you can take a cup of drink with you to work or training, or you can store it safely in the fridge. Just prepare your favorite drink and enjoy its taste Varastossa CR4071
49,10 €
Camry CR1149 CR 1149 Turntable suitcase Camry CR 1149 Turntable suitcaseCamry CR 1149 Turntable suitcase. Camry CR 1149 - Turntable - 0.8 Watt (Total) Varastossa CR1149
79,40 €
Camry CR7037 Vacumm cleaner - Silent Vacumm cleaner - SilentCamry CR 7037, Vacumm cleaner, silent, black Silent vacuum cleaner CAMRY CR 7037 is a professional device with high cleaning efficiency class ideal for quick and convenient vacuuming. A high-quality compact and very quiet vacuum cleaner (only 68 Db) will work in almost every home. The operating range up to 7 meters will allow you to vacuum the entire apartment or office without having to look for sockets. Rubber wheels not only make it easier to move the device between cleaned rooms but also protect the floor from scratches. A Hepa 12 antiallergic filter makes it a vacuum cleaner for families with small children. The vacuum cleaner also includes 4 microfiber bags that retain over 95 of the dust particles, which means more efficiency than ordinary paper bags. Operating range: 7 m Super quiet: 68 Db Nominal Power: 800W Maximum power: 2300W Electronic bag full indicator Hepa 12 antiallergic filter Large dust bag capacity: 3 l Rubberized wheels protect floors from scratches Varastossa CR7037
104,30 €
Camry CR4481 Ice cream maker - capacity 0,7l Ice cream maker - capacity 0,7lCamry Premium CR 4481 - Ice cream maker - 0.7 litre - 90 W Most of you associate ice cream with holidays and relaxation after a long day of work. It is also one of the nicer ways to cool down when high temperatures bother you. You eat them often in the summer and you like to experiment with new flavors. The easy way to prepare delicious ice cream, which will become cooler on a hot day Just put the ingredients in the right proportions in the chamber of the Camry CR 4481 ice cream machine and press the button, and after 30 minutes you will get a delicious ice cream. Varastossa CR4481
106,60 €
Camry CR7931 CR 7931 Aquarium kit with white LED Camry CR 7931 Aquarium kit with white LEDCamry CR 7931 Aquarium kit with white LED An aquarium kit is a unique centrepiece for those who value the combination of high aesthetic and practicality. The bottom part consists of an aquarium for small fish, equipped with an aerator and box filter. Above the aquarium there is a planting basket filled with ceramic gravel. The whole is an outstanding element of interior design, and the use of the usually overlooked space above the aquarium is indeed extraordinary. The kit features a white LED backlight for the even greater aesthetic experience. Nature aquaponic kit Planting basket Filtering box Air bubble White LED light Base Tank Plant fish are not included. Ceramic balls are included. Ei varastossa CR7931
22,50 €
Camry CR1291 CR 1291 Stainless Steel 1,7L kettle with LCD display & temp. reg Camry CR 1291 Stainless Steel 1,7L kettle with LCD display & temp. regCamry CR 1291 Stainless Steel 1,7L kettle with LCD display temp. regulation, silver Innovative kettle with LCD temperature display, 7-step temperature control and keep warm function. In the water boiling mode the LCD display indicates the current water temperature and boil it up to desired value in range from 40C to 100C. In the temperature keep warm mode, the LCD display shows permanently chosen temperature level while heating water cyclically for 2 hours. Easy to use, each lifting the kettle from the base resets the previous settings. A sound signal when starting and after boiling water reminds you to flood your favorite drink with water. Electric kettle with LCD display temperature regulation LCD temperature display Adjustable cooking temperature 40-50-60-70-80-90-100C Keep warm function 40-50-60-70-80-90-100C Water temperature ideal for: 40 C - water for baby milk mixtures 50 C - Japanese Gyokuro green teas 60 C - flower teas (Jasmine) 70 C - white tea 80 C - Chinese green tea 90 C - red tea some coffee 100 C - Black tea Oolung Beep when starting and after boiling 2 hours keep warm function Completely removable lid for easy cleaning Heater made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel Anti-calc filter Overheating protection 360 swivel base Capacity: 1.7L Power: 1850-2200W Power supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz Ei varastossa 31.01.2022 CR1291
28,70 €
Camry CR4457 Chocolate Fountain, 80W Camry Chocolate Fountain, 80WCamry Premium CR 4457 - Chocolate fountain - 500 ml - 190 W The three-level chocolate fountain designed for home-use can be a great supplement for home parties and meetings with your friends. Your guests will appreciate not only the visual beauty of the chocolate circulating and smoothly flowing on all three levels of the fountain, but also will be able to taste creamy, wonderful chocolate with its amazing flavor. The chocolate fountain can also be a great source of fun for children or an interesting solution for people who like to serve dishes (in this case - desserts) in an unorthodox way when throwing a party. Ei varastossa 31.01.2022 DEL2018861
29,80 €
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