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Vitility 70510080 Tyyny pyöreä Tyyny pyöreäIf you want to get out of bed or out of a car, you have to turn yourself to get up. If you do not have the mobility to do this due to physical discomfort, it is difficult to get in and out of bed independently. But getting in and out of the car independently becomes also difficult. There is a simple solution for this, the swivel cushion. The name says it, the cushion swivel. But also gives a comfortable seat when you sit on it. The swivel cushion makes turning easier, making it easier to get in and out of the car or to get in and out of bed. Because the swivel cushion rotates smoothly, it takes less effort to turn yourself. This can relieve hip and back pain while turning. If you can no longer turn the swivel cushion independently to get out of bed due to physical discomfort, then the swivel cushion is also nice for the person who helps you. The swivel cushion makes it easier for the person who helps you to turn you and get you out of bed. The swivel cushion not only gives more independence, but also helps to care for someone with more comfort. Varastossa VIT-70510080
43,10 €
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