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Professional tool case 100 kpl.
Two removable pallets with holders for tool fastening
System of movable partitions, 75mm high
Two key locks
Cordless drill/driver 4.8 V with charger 230 VAC and accessories
Soldering iron 30 W, 230 V
Solder iron base with sponge
Phial with solder Ø 1 mm
Desoldering pump
Torch made of anodized aluminum
3 two-sided tools for correcting solder connections
5 needle files, active length 80mm, with plastic pads on handles
Gripping device for ICs
Gripping hook
Adjustable spanner, span max. 20 mm, length 150 mm
Crimping tools
Universal reinforced design knife with break-off blades
Antistatic wristband
Plastic box with 11 partitions for small parts e.g. cable terminals
Soft brush, round Ø 17 mm
Reverse action stainless steel tweezers, with tip 3.5 mm wide
Cutter, length 115 mm
Half-round plier, length 135 mm
Half-round plier, bent, crosswise serrated, length 130 mm
Flat plier for gripping and bending, length 135 mm
Combination plier for bending, gripping and cutting, length 190 mm
Insulating tape
Universal bench vice made of aluminum alloy, jaws width 60 mm
Torx screwdriver TX10 x 100 mm
Torx screwdriver TX15 x 100 mm
Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH1 x 75
Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH2 x 100
Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH2 x 38
Phillips crosspoint screwdriver PH3 x 150
Socket screwdriver 1/4" x 75 mm
Socket screwdriver 3/16" x 75mm
Slot screwdriver 5 x 75 mm
Slot screwdriver 6 x 100 mm
Slot screwdriver 6 x 38mm
Slot screwdriver 8 x 150 mm
Voltage tester
Set of 6 long precision screwdrivers with a rotating cap
Set of miniature combination spanners 4-11 mm
Set of folding Allan hex keys
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