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Electrolux 9002735018 Pureadvantage vedensuodatin 3-pakkaus Pureadvantage vedensuodatin 3-pakkaus3 Vaihdettavaa PureAdvantage vedensuodatinpatruunaa AquaSense kannulle. The high quality filtration removes impurities, limescale, odours and unpleasant taste, and it filters faster than any other premium water filtration system. You save minutes with every filtration - all so you can enjoy clean, filtered water faster than ever before. ULTRA FAST FLOW - PureAdvantage water filter technology provides high quality filtration, and filters faster than any other premium water filtration system. GREAT TASTE - The PureAdvantage water filter technology removes odours and particles that affect the taste. GREAT FOR COOKING - using PureAdvantage filtered water when you cook makes your food taste even better. BETTER TASTING TEA AND COFFEE - using PureAdvantage filtered water when you make tea and coffee enhances the flavor and appearance of your beverage. IMPROVES LIFETIME OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES - using PureAdvantage filtered water cartridges prolongs the lifetime and performance of your kitchen appliances. PUREADVANTAGE FILTER TECHNOLOGY - The unique and innovative PureAdvantage water filter cartridge contains 3M purification technology. TESTED AND CERTIFIED - The PureAdvantage water filter cartridge has been tested and certified by the independent German test institute TV Rheinland and LGA. Varastossa 9002735018
28,70 €
3M 7100055412/CS-51 BOSCH SIEMENS Jääkaapin vedensuodatin BOSCH SIEMENS Jääkaapin vedensuodatinBOSCH SIEMENS Jääkaapin vedensuodatin. Sisäinen vedensuodatin 3M - Cuno NSF Sopii Bosch Siemens jääpalajääkaappeihin Käyttöaika: 6 kk Korvaa Bosch Siemens 640565 Varastossa W6-63010
45,60 €
WPRO APP100/1 Jääkaapin vesisuodatin app100 samsung Jääkaapin vesisuodatin app100 samsungWater filter for Samsung (Aqua Pure) fridges. Purifies water from sand, rust, chlorides, pesticides etc for clear water and icecubes without sidetaste and longer preservation time. Origineal number Samsung: DA29-00003 B/G Varastossa APP100/1
35,70 €
ICEPURE RWF0900A Jääkaapin vedensuodatin Amana / Gaggenau Jääkaapin vedensuodatin Amana / GaggenauWith this water filter you can enjoy the taste of pure water. The filter reduces toxins like chloride and heavy metals and other materials that can affect the taste like lime. These filters are most commonly used in refrigerators with a water tap and ice maker. To ensure a properly working filter you should replace it every six months. The filter is NSF approved. Varastossa RWF0900A
24,30 €
3M CS-52 Jääkaapin vedensuodatin Bosch, Siemens Jääkaapin vedensuodatin Bosch, SiemensArticle number(s) supplier: CS-52, 640565, 55866-05, 55866-06 CS-51, CS-450, CS-452, 70020002518, EVOLFLTR10, CS51 Dual Action Filter, WFS-004 Balay: 640565 640565 55866065 5586605 Ariston: 640565 640565 5586606 Bosch: Evolution 500 Series, B20CS50SN Evolution 800 Series, B20CS80SN KAN58A10-i KAN58A40-i KAN58A50-i KAN58A70-i KAN58P90-i KAN58P95-i KAN58xxx-i KAN60A40-i 5586605 Siemens: KA58NA10-i KA58NA40-i KA58NA70-i KA58NP70-i KA58NP90-i KA58NP95-i KA58xxxx-i KA60NA40-i Neff: K3940X6-i K3950X6-i K3970X6-i K3990X6-i K3990X7-i K3990xx-i Ei varastossa 2022-02-28CS-52
28,00 €
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