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Smartwares 5000.702 Wall light - Solar power - Motion detector Illuminate your garden using solar energy with the Smartwares 5000.702 Wall light. The light does not consume any electricity and helps you to save on your energy bill thanks to the integrated solar panel and motion sensor. The sun as power source The wall light is equipped with a solar panel on top that completely charges the light in 5 to 6 hours, even on cloudy days the light will charge itself. You will not have to struggle with wires because the wall light is 100% solar powered. This means that it does not consume any power and thus is environmentally friendly. Light in the darkness The light turns on automatically when it is getting dark outside and then produces 15 Lumens, so you will always have your front- or backdoor illuminated. If someone walks by the motion detector, the light will start shining brighter and then produces 75 Lumens. With this wall light you will never have to search for the keyhole again when coming home at night. Warm white light The stainless steel wall light with IP43 protection rating creates a warm white light of 3000 K and you will not have to worry about mounting the light, thanks to the easy mounting system. On the Smartwares 5000.702 Wall light you receive 24 months warranty. What’s in the box? Smartwares wall light, instruction manual, mounting kit Features: Requires no extra energy consumption thanks to the solar panel Automatically produces 15 Lumens at night which increases to 75 Lumens when motion is detected Produces a warm white light of 3000 K Gets charged in 5 to 6 hours by solar energy Easy to install with the easy mounting system
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